This week (on the back of an epic 4 weeks of no recording, 100% focused on marriage!), we discussed a very interesting interview hosted on another podcast/radio show from ABC Australia called “Conversations with Richard Feidler”. In a recent episode dated April 7th 2016 called “Remembering Bob Ellis”. In the interview, a series of 10 laws of Bob Ellis were discussed, from the now late authors’ book.
The laws are uncommon, interesting, and seem like they are open to interpretation the moment you start thinking about them.
I think I (Mick) buggered up the paraphrasing a bit – but have a listen!!! ALSO – Stay till the end, when I play a segment of Bob Ellis in the interview, reading the final 10th law…
Complex, yet strangely simple…
(Be sure to check out the actual interview with Bob Ellis too on “Conversations with Richard Feidler”)