#72 Just more “Floss-ophy”

Ep #72 - Just more floss-ophy - Credit: Flickr user Keatssycamore

Do you ever notice how when you go to the dentist, it always seems to come down to "flossing". And how every dentist, doctor, business advisor, teacher, designer, or leader in some other area of life has their version of "flossing"... Dobbo shares how a recent idea of "flossophy" has developed for him on the home front, which explains that moment when you hear another "essential" thing you "should be doing", but aren't - and whether it really … [Read more...]

#71 Demoralizing Realities…

Episode #36 - Demoralizing Realtities - Photo Credit Flickr user Helloturkeytoe

In this episode we talk about those demoralizing times when you think you're doing awesome, great, things are "shaping' up" and THEN all of a sudden while in the middle of some menial task (such as letting the dog outside), you realize - "Wait a minute... am I REALLY doing as good as I think I am? Am I really kicking ass and taking numbers?" - and how quickly you mood changes from "strutting" to "struggling"... That was our conversation this … [Read more...]

#70 Ten Uncommon Laws of Life

Episode 70 - Ten Uncommon Laws of Life

CONGRATULATION TO DOBBO & BRONAGH!!! - Married!! This week (on the back of an epic 4 weeks of no recording, 100% focused on marriage!), we discussed a very interesting interview hosted on another podcast/radio show from ABC Australia called "Conversations with Richard Feidler". In a recent episode dated April 7th 2016 called "Remembering Bob Ellis". In the interview, a series of 10 laws of Bob Ellis were discussed, from the now late … [Read more...]

#69 Education…

Episode 69 - Education...

It was bound to happen... A conversation on education... mostly inspired by Dobbo who speaks to students and school groups multiple times a week, and has done so for the past three decades. Hundreds and thousands of kids, thousands of discussions learning from and observing teaching approaches and generally working within the boundaries of the education systems in Australia & USA. Such a deep, intense, emotional, frustrating, … [Read more...]

#68 Partial Attention & Decision Fatigue

PHOTO CREDIT: Creative Commons - www.flickr.com user Joseph Choi

Is it even possible to genuinely focus on more than one thing at a time? We heard someone (unusually high IQ) talking about being able to work on multiple things at one time and be completely engaged in them, which raised the question of whether that's really even possible. And if we could have this skill, would we even want it? So in a world filled with continuous partial attention, it's not long before the constant juggling of tasks … [Read more...]

#67 Writing, Tidying & What Brings Joy?

Episode 67 - Writing, Tidying & Joy

Time to think, consider, ponder and re-assess... New year is well over, the year is supposed to be in swing - but we've both been thinking a lot these first couple months about small things, little habits that could make a difference. This episode is largely about the little things... You may have heard a recent episode where Dobbo talked about "The Art of Tidying", and we explored this a little further with some shared experience on how … [Read more...]

#66 – Themes vs Goals

PHOTO CREDIT: Barry Silver - Creative Commons - www.flickr.com

In this episode we re-visit our year end conversation about... well "Year End & Year Beginning". Rather than talk about goals and things we want to achieve, we've soaked into some ideas about what kind of themes we'd like to revisit or come back to and explore this year. The idea is that we're going to test out re-visiting this list of themes each quarter. Listen in to get the whole list, but they include things like "Simplifying", … [Read more...]

#65 You’re not supposed to talk about that…

Taboo Topics!!

In this episode, we chatted about a bunch of things that sometimes society considers to be "taboo". We started in talking about social media and some observations on balancing the life we actually live, and the "online life" that provides feedback on our lived experience in a way that's not always helpful or even wanted! But the meat of this week's chat was about "Taboo" topics. First, check out the TED Talk - Taboos About Parenting … [Read more...]

#64 Merry Christmas – How was your year?

#64 - Merry Christmas - How was your year?

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! It's a wrap folks - 2015 is done and Chrissy & Holiday are here! How was your year? If the thoughts of more goals, achievement, success/failure and peak performance stuff at year end turns you off, then you'll love this episode coz it really doesn't have any of that stuff. In this episode we have a little fun with the christmas festivities, before launching into a bit of a "how did you think your year went" … [Read more...]