#79 Bridging Strategies – When You’re Stuck

Episode 79 - When you're stuck

We talk about how when we get stuck on a problem or stage in life, how challenging it seems to be to see all the options. It's like we're blind to most of the outcomes and options available... Dobbo shares some interesting stories and observations about "bridging strategies" and how he's seen some folks recently unlock a major door in their life by talking to someone who could see a lot more options and solutions to the same "no win" problem. … [Read more...]

#78 Outsourcing stuff you hate doing

Episode 78 - Outsourcing

Thanks for hanging in there waiting for the next episode! In this topic, we discussed outsourcing and the idea of hiring someone to do the stuff you hate doing if you've got the budget to pull it off. Laundry, folding clothes, doing lawns, data entry, taxes etc. If it brings you joy to get rid of this stuff, should you? Or is it just spending money on wasting more time doing basically nothing? Would it make you happy? … [Read more...]

#77 – 2016: It’s a Wrap

Episode 77 - 2016 It's a Wrap

The end of 2016... Another year over, and thanks for being a part of the project. Not a big year of recording. But that's what happens when you get married, start new companies and all sorts of other craziness. Enjoy this wrap-up of 2016, reflections on what was, what could have been and should have been. See you in 2017!! … [Read more...]

#76 Voting For Our Happiness?

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Kārlis Dambrāns

What an exhausting election season in the USA... and what an outcome! This week as much as we tried to avoid politics (and we largely kind of did), we did discuss what we observed and somewhat felt watching on at such a remarkable turn of events with the US election of Donald Trump. But this discussion was an honest reflection on whether our views and opinions are well founded, whether we jump to conclusions about other people in our circle … [Read more...]

Living Clearer, Living Louder, Living More


This week we took a deep dive into an upcoming FREE event that Dobbo is launching on November 26th in Melbourne called "LIVE MORE". If you're not aware, it's a day full of juicy topics, ideas, strategies and techniques to help you do a serious pattern interruption to your Modus Operandi We promise this isn't a "pitch" or an advertisement for the event, but rather a pretty interesting discussion that pulls apart what we'd want out of a … [Read more...]

#74 Changing Minds & How People Avoid It

Ep #74 - Changing Our Minds

Our discussion this week is based on three recent observations: * People rarely change their mind on something significant (religion, football teams, politics etc.) * Freedom of mind is proportional to how invested you are in an idea. * What if everything you thought you were right about was wrong? … [Read more...]

#73 Removing our Sense of Time

Ep#73 - Removing Our Sense of Time

What would happen if you were living in a place where there's no real need or sense of actual minute-by-minute time? What if you couldn't tell if it's 11am or 1pm? If you threw away your watch while living in a deserted location - what might happen? That was our discussion this week. … [Read more...]