#62 – Colin Dobson (Dobbo’s Dad) – Part 1 – Marriage, Relationships & Generation Gaps

Marriage, Relationships & Generation Gaps

So happy to introduce our amazing guest this week, whom without this podcast would not be possible - literally. Mr Colin Dobson is Dobbo's Dad and is our wise master for two amazing episodes of Risking Failure. We cover a lot of ground here folks, and Colin's insights and wisdom gives a perspective from the generation above, that has been a gap in our project until now! Enjoy Part 1, with Part 2 to follow!! Cheers from Mick, Dobbo … [Read more...]

#61 – The Alchemist, Awareness & Timeless Wisdom

Alchemist, Awareness & Timeless Wisdom

In this episode, we listened back to a podcast discussion from one of our favorite shows On-Being, featuring guess Paulo Coelho, the author of the Alchemist. You can check out the conversation from August 14, 2014 with Krista Tippett (host of OnBeing) right here. It's called "The Alchemy of Pilgrimage". We reflected on the fact that we'd both listened to this conversation before, but thought it was the kind that's worth re-visiting, … [Read more...]

#60 The Gift of Failure (A debrief of Episode with Jessica Lahey on The Good Life Project)

Discussion of Jessica Lahey's Book & Interview on The Good Life Project

In this episode, we discussed an episode of The Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields, specific to a discussion with Jessica Lahey, author of "The Gift of Failure". This episode on The Good Life Project was hosted on August 10th, 2015 and can be found RIGHT HERE What happens when parents (or teachers or coaches, family members, friends etc.) start to step into the world of their children and try to "do things for them" to help take the … [Read more...]

#59: Networking – Ep from The Tim Ferriss Show 8/26/15

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(Forgot to note who it was... sorry!)

This week, we talked about a podcast episode from the Tim Ferriss show from August 26th 2015 called "How to Build a World Class Network". Now listen up - this is a new avenue that we're starting to play with on the show. It's kind of like a podcasting book club. Each week, we'll be picking an episode (At the end) that we (& you!) will go listen to before the next show. Then we'll chat about it and pull apart some of the ideas. We're … [Read more...]

#58 Mental Fitness & Mentors

Risking Failure.com
Photo Credit: Flickr.com Creative Commons

So the project that we're working on here at Risking Failure is going to begin to take a very slightly different path. The idea remains the same, but we're going to try out a slightly new approach that involves you the listener, and knowing about topics a little in advance of each episode... More about it in this episode! In this episode we explored what we labeled as "mental fitness" and what seems like a fairly natural tendency for us to … [Read more...]

#57 Decision Fatigue; People Pleasing; Great Minds

"People Pleasing is a Form of ....."

In this episode, we covered multiple topics. Starting with the issue of Decision Fatigue - specific to food. Mick shared a recent experiment regarding lunch time meals, and how the decision fatigue can be such a crippling issue when it comes to diet in particular. "I can never decide what to eat, so it becomes easy to eat crap". Then we shared a couple of quotes each to chew over. The first quote relates to the issue of people … [Read more...]

#56 Telling the Truth

Can the truth always set you free? Listen In as we explore!

In this week's episode we're joined by our friend and guest Bronagh. Our topic was the subject of telling the truth, and the challenges of telling the truth - and whether it really sets you free. We explored "little white lies" that we all tell, from time to time. "I'll be there in 10 minutes", "I got held up in a meeting", "I had to stop in traffic" and all the other little things people use to make life go smoother, for the sake of not … [Read more...]

#55 Marriage & Partnership – The quest for “The One”…

Photo by Flickr User: KyleSteed

This episode ties partly with an episode of the Tim Ferriss show that both of us listened to, and compared notes on afterwards. Here's a link to that episode if you wish to listen to it first http://fourhourworkweek.com/2015/05/20/google-x/ Of all the world views that we carry with us through the world, what we think about relationships and whether we are looking for "the one" is perhaps one of the most formative. For some of us the … [Read more...]

#54 – Tansel Ali PART 2: Balance & Taking Risks

Balance & Taking Risks with Memory Champion Tansel Ali

In this PART 2 discussion with Australian Memory Champion Tansel Ali, we hit record after a couple minutes of finishing Part 1. As we began to debrief the actual episode and settle into a relaxing conversation, it got really interesting. So we hit record and captured it! If you haven't yet listened to Part 1, then don't worry. You can listen to either one in either order. Tansel is a three times Australian Memory Champion. He memorized the … [Read more...]

#53 – Tansel Ali on Memory, Creativity & Social Norms

Tansel Ali - 3x Australian Memory Champion

Our guest this week is Tansel Ali - 3x Australian Memory Champion, Author & Speaker/Consultant. This is actually Part 1 of our chat with Tansel, so make sure you check out part 2 which gets really in-depth on other topics! Tansel is often referred to and well known for memorizing the Sydney Yellow Pages, an exercise that systematically showed what the human brain is truly capable of. We talked with Tansel about the strategies and … [Read more...]